Monday, 19 April 2010

Ray of the Desert

No thats not me, but club member Ray Matthews who last month completed the Del Sahara 100 kilometre Race. Now there's a clue in there somewhere if you can spot it. OK I will make this simple.

Ray, who it has to be said was born at a time when A Hitler was dropping bombs on England, COMPLETED the 65 mile race over 4 days in the Sahara Desert despite a broken toe. The Race was actually 108 kilometres and consisted of 4 legs of 18, 25, 44 and 21k.

I did question Ray's sanity before the race, but there was no need. He is MAD! However, for guts, never say die attitude and sheer ebullience he is a shining light to us all. I even think that he threatened the Doctor with death if he pulled him out of the race when he broke his toe after 5 kilometres. For Ray it was merely a case of Dune but not out!

So well done mate and good luck in that sprint coming up this weekend -The London Marathon!


  1. I went all that way out into the desert and didnt come back with a tan, Also you have to write something good about me after cutting my head off in the running club photo, I didnt realise that i was quite that short of hair

  2. Well done Ray, you old desert rat you.



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