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Monday, 25 February 2013

Bang goes the training regime

 What the hells happened to the training regime.  You start off the new year with all the good intentions in the world and then bang, up in smoke it goes.  Yes I was going to waltz round the Barcelona half in 1:50 ish, but then reality.  Not enough running, too much supping and eating and the result is the silly Buddha to your right.  OK, the sharp eyed amongst you are probably saying "that's not Bob, far too thin" (cheeky monkeys).  However, its now time to plan for the year ahead, what with holidays and races coming up.  Cutting down on food and upping the fitness.
Anyway, enough of this self pity, Barcelona was brilliant, with a record number of members being there.  Although I struggled with the run and got in at 2hrs 04minutes, I really enjoyed the weekend.  You HAVE got to see that cathedral to believe it. I have and I still don't believe.  In fact there were a few of us doing Victor Meldrews that day.
Supporters, as always were brilliant, although I do hear that one didn't actually get out of bed until we'd finished. Answers on a postcard please. 
We are looking ahead to some great events this year, what with MRC being 30 years of age.  Let us know if you have any ideas.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Neck Knee and Knackered

Well what a year this is turning out to be.  Since turning 60, the wheels have well and truly come off in turns of running.  First, the good doctor informed me I had spondolosis, so it took a time to get over that.  I was just starting to feel a bit better and then decided to split my knee open and had to lay off running for a bit.  The result is that if I now go under 9 minute mile pace I need an oxygen mask.  Yes I know it will make me look better, but that's not the point!
Anyway, this is no excuse for the lengthy delay in blogging, so I apologise for that.  There's plenty happening within the club.  Lindsay, Barbara and Caroline have been trying out Tri-athalon and Jim Brian and Dave T have also tried their hand at biking.  In fact Brian had a stormer at the recent Clowne Duathalon.  I don't think that I will be following suit.  In fact, scrub that.  I can categorically state that you will never, repeat NEVER see me on a bike. I am dangerous enough on 2 legs, let alone 2 wheels.
MRC are entering 2 teams (Ladies and Gents) in the Round Rotherham event in a couple of weeks time.  Both teams are preparing and it should be a really good event.  Both teams have a strong look about them and hopefully no-one will get lost.  I can't speak for the ladies, but none of mens team will get lost because they are all doing detailed reconnoitres (honest, they've told me).
It'll soon be Christmas (oh don't say that) and the club are putting on another extraveganza at Tickhill Club.  It's on Friday 28th December and I thoroughly recommend that you try and come along to it.  It should be a hoot. 
i think that's it for now.  Next blog should be the Bobscars, round about Christmas time. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Oh arrrhhh, Oh arrrhhh

Shiver me timbers me hearty's.  It been ages since me last post, but oi been limping around with Polly on me shoulder, so I ain't had time to speak to you landlubbers.  Anyway Polly's no longer with me cos Kipper (the cat) has eaten her.

Sorry, but I came over all LJS, no not the cr#p boy band but old Long John himself.  It's ever since Jan gave me those crutches to help out with me poorly knee when I joined the (growing) list of Maltby sick lame and lazy. In fact I may paint them yellow and green and make them the club crutches because you can bet that they will get used again.

On a serious note it has been an absolute blast since my last blog , what with the terrific weekends in London and Berlin and the past weekend with our French friends.  We had a great but busy time over a very hectic 3 days with Christian, Jose and the gang.  All those who helped and joined in will know what i mean and I sincerely thank those for the very hard work that they put in.  For those who missed out, all I can say is you missed a terrific time.

Anyway, they are now back in the land of Champagne having once again cemented Anglo french relationships.

Upcoming events are The Abbey Dash and the Bawtry Forest Race, two great events that I hope that you will support in one way or another. 

Time to go.  I won't take as long next time.


PS FACT. The national "Talk like a Pirate day" is 19th September and is based on the accent that Robert Newton gave in his portrayal of the fictional character in the Disney movie Treasure Island.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's now official -I'm a fruitcake

OK so it's a spongecake, but that would have killed the headline. This uncanny image was revealed on the cake at my 60th birthday party on Saturday. Not sure whether everybody has stopped laughing yet, but trust Big Tony to spot a mistake. The model is supposed to be yours truly after a marathon. But as the big fellow pointed out I would be blue and not pink at this point in time. Don't you just love him? Answers on a postcard please.

The Bash seemed to go OK and it was, for me a blast from the past. Apart from a good number of MRC members there was my siblings, old friends and (former) work colleagues. Indeed, 3 of the band were Council colleagues and the DJ and his brother John go back over 40 years. When Roger (DJ) was 17 and I was 19, we used to perform a ventriloquist act on the last bus back from Whiston to Rotherham. No you are wrong! Roger was the dummy!

The "do" could not have happened without Sheila who worked miracles. Special mention to Gail, Maureen, Lesley, Donna, Clair and Charlotte who worked wonders. Big thank you to the band and Roger. Indeed a big thanks you to everyone who turned up. I am very lucky to have good friends who can put up with my sense of humour. I was bowled over by the number of presents and the Running Club once again amazed me with their kindness.

As this is the first blog of 2012 may I wish everyone a very happy new(ish) year. There's a lot coming this year, what with Berlin, the visist of our good friends ACPI St Quentin, London marathon, and perhaps another trip? The AGM seemed to go extremely well and once again the club looks in good nick. Some of us older members are a bit crocked but what the heck?

Anyroadup, that's it for now


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Bobscars - the alternative awards ceremony

Well, we are getting to the end of the year and what is traditionally known as the "Awards Season". We have our very own presentation night in the new year for the MRC achievers. However, I thought that it might be a bit of fun to present the "Bobscars" for outstanding achievements by MRC members on feats that would not normally be mentioned. So here they are:
  1. The Bob Houghton Falling Over Award goes to Gavin Hamilton - outstanding achievement of 3 falls in one run. (special commendation to Bob H for falling over on two consecutive runs).
  2. The Jonathan Seagull Fake Bird Poo Award goes to Oz Osborne - copious amounts of sun cream on head whilst in Skye in June.
  3. The Evil Knievel Stunt Bike Award goes to Jan Sears - bit extreme, but what a recovery!
  4. The Mark Thatcher Map Reading Award goes to Caroline Southern- Boyd - 10 Round Rotherhams and still doesn't know the way.
  5. The Human Garmin Mileage Accuracy Award goes to Brian Lowndes - 26th July 2011. Never has six and halfish felt like 9 miles before. (Special festive offer below)
  6. The Bucket List Award goes to Ray Matthews - Hell knows what's next.
  7. The Phileas Fogg Travel Award goes to John (The Nomad) Proffitt - More holidays than Judith Chalmers.
  8. The Henry Kissinger Award For Tact And Diplomacy goes to Jim Rust for actually getting two teams to run the Round Rotherham Race.
  9. The Hansel and Gretal Lost In The Woods Award goes to Gary Durham. Acting the bear I guess.
  10. The I Can't Believe He's Not Got An Award Award goes to Mick Barber. No turning up the week before the race, no falling off ladders, Wednesday winning. Mickeylove what went right?
  11. The Scarlet Pimpernel Award goes to Barbara Rusling. She's a very busy lady - She's here she's there, she's every bl**dy where. And finally,
  12. The Top People Award goes to all MRC members and families. There's be no club without you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


PS Order your Garmin for Christmas now- Let estimation be a thing of the past.

How much?


Friday, 11 November 2011

Bring Me Sunshine

Thanks to John and Lynda Proffit, we spent a terriific weekend in Morecombe and Lancaster last week. The trip included members from Clowne, Tickhill, Rotherham Harriers and Maltby.
As usual we found a pretty good watering hole which also included live music. The weather was excellent (apart from Friday night) and as usual we all had a bit of a laugh. That was of course until we had to run the half marathon on Sunday.
Maltby Runners came home in bright sunshine in the following order:-
  • Brian Lowndes - 1 hour :40 minutes: 01 second(1st Vet 60)
  • Barbara Rusling - 1 :47:18 (1st FV 50)
  • Chris Flintham - 1 :48:18 (estimated)
  • me - 1 :49:52 (knackered at the end)
  • Ray Matthews - 2:21:03(2nd Vet 70)

Also mentioned in dispatches are Maltby second claim members, who ran in their first claim colours of Clowne:-

  • Simon Sleney - 1:21:47 (21st overall)
  • Paul Sadler -1:29:06 (must have been the speed session the week before the race Paul)
  • Roger Fokinther 1:39:52 (welcome to the club Roger)

All in all a splendid , well organised weekend.

Cheers John and Lynda

Next blog is the Bobscars -my special awards to members

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tony Martins

Not the usual banter I am afraid. Some of you are aware that we lost a good friend recently. We first met Tony Martins, when he and Dominique (pictured with him) looked after us on our first trip to St Quentin, France in 2008. Tony was an extremely friendly person and our club soon became enamoured with his smile and mannerisms. He was an excellent ambassador for both his club and country and we enjoyed his company and humour on subsequent visits.
Jim, Judith, Sheila and I met with Tony in May this year and it was plain that he was suffering. However, his smile was still there and we all hoped that he would pull through from the cancer that plagued him.
It was not to be and our thoughts go to his wife, family and all at ACPI.


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