Friday, 28 May 2010

Edinburgh Marathon - The LOST POST

This post is alittle late and was originally scheduled for the end of May. However it got lost and i have only just found it. A new blog will follow in days.

UNBELIVABLE! Red hot last year and red hot this year. Great last year cos I was only doing the hairy haggis relay and not hanging around in 23degrees for 4 hours and ONE second.

Talking of red hot take a bow Barbara Rusling and Lindsay Rust clocking PB's at 3.21.09 and 3.46.10 respecively. Babs finished as 7th best runner in her age group which was fantastic. This is no mean feet, although all our feet felt pretty mean at the end of 26 miles and none went faster than Brian Lowndes in the half marathon finishing 6th best runner in his age group in 1.38.49.

Well done also to Jim, Mickeylove, Dave, Tony, Laura, Nigel, Dave, Ray and Lynne for doing great in the heat and Gav and Chris for flying round the half.

As for moi, I have promised Mrs H that I will never do a marathon again (4th time It think), but this time I mean it (3rd Time). After all pale white face and purple lips is not a good look. Not that I ever really have a good look you understand.

Anyway it was a great weekend and Edinburgh really is a fab event, apart from the daft b#g#@rs starting the event at 10.00. Too late I hear you say. Too right I reply.

Anyway TTFN


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