Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sick, lame and lazy

This is the last "official photo" of Mltby Running Club in the old kit. It was taken at the Tickhill 10mile Race in My.

Anyway,we are in the middle of summer and we should all be fighting fit, but what do i hear. Bad knee, shin splints, eye ache, metatarsal, bad back, stiff shoulder, hamstring, calf, elbow strain. And that's only Brian "The Running Miracle" Lowndes. Most of us have suffered in the last six months through some sort of injury mostly from running (take a bow Mick Barber). Jim's had an ankle injury, Dave a knee job, Ray, broken toe, Karen a hamstring, Alice fell off a bridge! It's enough to make you think about retirement. But where would we be without running? In one piece I hear you say

Anyway, I think most of us are getting through the pain barrier now and some of us are looking forward to the Conway Half in November. speaking of that particular month, and thoughts inevitably start to meander towards the dreaded Ball Inn runs. But before that we have the little matter of the magnificent Bawtry Forest event in September. Its a really good event and once again it's down to the hard work from the club members who work extremely hard to get the race on. Another thing I do like about the race is that we always go up and run round a few times before the day of the race to check out the course.

Anyway, I think that that's for it now. keep visiting and reading and take care.

Keep tuned for exiting news of an overseas run!


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