Friday, 11 November 2011

Bring Me Sunshine

Thanks to John and Lynda Proffit, we spent a terriific weekend in Morecombe and Lancaster last week. The trip included members from Clowne, Tickhill, Rotherham Harriers and Maltby.
As usual we found a pretty good watering hole which also included live music. The weather was excellent (apart from Friday night) and as usual we all had a bit of a laugh. That was of course until we had to run the half marathon on Sunday.
Maltby Runners came home in bright sunshine in the following order:-
  • Brian Lowndes - 1 hour :40 minutes: 01 second(1st Vet 60)
  • Barbara Rusling - 1 :47:18 (1st FV 50)
  • Chris Flintham - 1 :48:18 (estimated)
  • me - 1 :49:52 (knackered at the end)
  • Ray Matthews - 2:21:03(2nd Vet 70)

Also mentioned in dispatches are Maltby second claim members, who ran in their first claim colours of Clowne:-

  • Simon Sleney - 1:21:47 (21st overall)
  • Paul Sadler -1:29:06 (must have been the speed session the week before the race Paul)
  • Roger Fokinther 1:39:52 (welcome to the club Roger)

All in all a splendid , well organised weekend.

Cheers John and Lynda

Next blog is the Bobscars -my special awards to members

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