Friday, 15 June 2012

Oh arrrhhh, Oh arrrhhh

Shiver me timbers me hearty's.  It been ages since me last post, but oi been limping around with Polly on me shoulder, so I ain't had time to speak to you landlubbers.  Anyway Polly's no longer with me cos Kipper (the cat) has eaten her.

Sorry, but I came over all LJS, no not the cr#p boy band but old Long John himself.  It's ever since Jan gave me those crutches to help out with me poorly knee when I joined the (growing) list of Maltby sick lame and lazy. In fact I may paint them yellow and green and make them the club crutches because you can bet that they will get used again.

On a serious note it has been an absolute blast since my last blog , what with the terrific weekends in London and Berlin and the past weekend with our French friends.  We had a great but busy time over a very hectic 3 days with Christian, Jose and the gang.  All those who helped and joined in will know what i mean and I sincerely thank those for the very hard work that they put in.  For those who missed out, all I can say is you missed a terrific time.

Anyway, they are now back in the land of Champagne having once again cemented Anglo french relationships.

Upcoming events are The Abbey Dash and the Bawtry Forest Race, two great events that I hope that you will support in one way or another. 

Time to go.  I won't take as long next time.


PS FACT. The national "Talk like a Pirate day" is 19th September and is based on the accent that Robert Newton gave in his portrayal of the fictional character in the Disney movie Treasure Island.

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