Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Neck Knee and Knackered

Well what a year this is turning out to be.  Since turning 60, the wheels have well and truly come off in turns of running.  First, the good doctor informed me I had spondolosis, so it took a time to get over that.  I was just starting to feel a bit better and then decided to split my knee open and had to lay off running for a bit.  The result is that if I now go under 9 minute mile pace I need an oxygen mask.  Yes I know it will make me look better, but that's not the point!
Anyway, this is no excuse for the lengthy delay in blogging, so I apologise for that.  There's plenty happening within the club.  Lindsay, Barbara and Caroline have been trying out Tri-athalon and Jim Brian and Dave T have also tried their hand at biking.  In fact Brian had a stormer at the recent Clowne Duathalon.  I don't think that I will be following suit.  In fact, scrub that.  I can categorically state that you will never, repeat NEVER see me on a bike. I am dangerous enough on 2 legs, let alone 2 wheels.
MRC are entering 2 teams (Ladies and Gents) in the Round Rotherham event in a couple of weeks time.  Both teams are preparing and it should be a really good event.  Both teams have a strong look about them and hopefully no-one will get lost.  I can't speak for the ladies, but none of mens team will get lost because they are all doing detailed reconnoitres (honest, they've told me).
It'll soon be Christmas (oh don't say that) and the club are putting on another extraveganza at Tickhill Club.  It's on Friday 28th December and I thoroughly recommend that you try and come along to it.  It should be a hoot. 
i think that's it for now.  Next blog should be the Bobscars, round about Christmas time. 

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