Friday, 21 January 2011

The year ahead (and the year behind)

I have been trawling through my photos to send through to our website guru (that's Steve to you and me) and came across this lovely photo from Edinburgh last year.
Most of the people on this photo are going back up again this year (to run the half marathon this time though). This was taken on the glorious Saturday before the race with the wonderful castle as a backdrop.
However, what resonated with me was the fact that on this photo , yes there are some runners, but there's also the backbone of the club, our wonderful supporters (that's wives to you and me). I suspect that they do enjoy these trips, but really they give an awful lot of time putting up with the moans, groans, wails and whinging. And that's before the race.
Before Edinburgh, it's Lisbon soon and, you guessed it, our supporters will be there and we runners will be doing the same thing - drinking the first night, saying that we are going to run rubbish on the Sunday (but not really believing it), and our supporters will do what they always do. They will be there, cheering us on, putting up with our moans, and, most importantly being there at the end, and if one supporter is really lucky (Sheila), I may even find my way back to her at the end of the race.
Thank you ladies.
We could not do it without you.

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