Wednesday, 26 January 2011

When they meet it'll be moirder! (see note below)

Forget Ali /Foreman, forget Nicklaus/Watson, Borg/McEnroe forget even Beatles/Stones. We have a new duel about to start and its in your very own running club. A member of the club, who shall remain nameless (Brian) once famously stated when the age of our runners was mentioned, "We'll soon have more vets that members'. Well that was over 20 years ago and now most of us are approaching the very vet stage.

Newcomer to the 60's category is a certain Mr James Rust, obviously a very good friend of Brian, but very competitive nonetheless. Now Jim has been injured over the months and put on loads of weight (I have seen suitcases at airport check ins heavier), so he's obviously going for the power approach.

No-ones actually made any comments, but we (Jim, Brian, Big Tony and me) were relaxing after a particularly hard run on Sunday, when talk of the upcoming season came up and obviously Brian, who of course is South Yorkshire Cross Country Champion is in the same category as Jim.

Now far be it from me to say that the mind games have started, but I find it rather strange that Brian suddenly turns up for training on Tuesday unable to run with a twisted ankle, and to prove the point, he rolled his trouser leg up to display a white bandage. Now anyone who knows Brian will tell you that when he has got a bandage on he is a very dangerous animal indeed. With two its watch out.

I think its a case of watch this space.



All our members under 40 (Lindsey and Susan) will remember the truly terrible American TV series Hart to Hart. The saving grace was the very wonderful (and very late) Lionel Stander, who played butler Max. The saying at the start of each episode was "when they met it was murder" with the strange pronunciation of murder.

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