Saturday, 19 February 2011

AGM -A Good Meeting

Well it was the annual bear baiting session again, er I mean the Maltby Running Club Annual General Meeting and Presentation Night and it went well -meaning the committee got out alive (not that you'd notice the difference).

In all seriousness it was really well attended and, given that we proposed a couple of rule changes, went without much controversy at all. It was great to see some new (and young) faces there as well and it really helps the club keep going when we can add new blood. The young'uns have brought the average age of the club down dramatically to seventy two (It's a joke Ray) and I think that all looks well.

Lisbon is looming on the horizon and we are all looking forward to a bit of FADO (Portugese folk music). OK I am looking forward top a bit of FADO and will try and find a bar that plays it. Obviously Tony R can't wait to come along as well because he loves the music that I listen to.

As I mentioned previously, the last few months have been hard for some members of the club, what with injury and illness. However, one thing really hits home and that is that whenever anyone of us is not quite right the others chip in with their support and well wishes. Its good to be part of a set up that cares.

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