Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hard Rockin' in Lisboa

Yes its the "Symbolics" grooving away in Lisbon's Hard Rock Cafe on the recent half marathon bash. You can make your own mind up about who's Sym and who are the, well anyway, moving on we had a fantastic time in a fantastic city. Oh and we ran ran a race as well, which was rather hot. There are stacks of pics on the website that give you a flavour of the race and the weather. The race itself was quite boring as, apart from the first 4 kilometres on the bridge , took place on one road. OK it was flat, but there was very little variation. Plenty of drink stations though, thank goodness. Once again, MASSIVE respect to the supporters who once again played a fantastic role in cheering us all on and, well, BEING there. There's upcoming trips to Edinburgh and one with Clowne in November, but that will probably be it in terms of trips for this year, unless of course someone has different ideas. Keep on Running Bob

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