Friday, 8 July 2011

Bonjour, och aye the noo and sausage swapping in the dales

Well what a couple of months its been for Maltby Running Club members.
First of all there was the trip to France that Jim, Judith, Sheila and I undertook. Purely business, you understand, as we helped out at an event held in St Quentin, where we were welcomed by our friends at ACPI.
Next it was a trip to Scotland where some of us took part in the Edinburgh half marathon. Raymondo Sahara did the full marathon just to rub sand in our wounds, but there again couldn't spot a Premier Inn to save his life (only joking Ray). Jim did us proud on that race, quickly followed by Sarah Attwood (Osborne).
A quick rest for the Memorial Run and then onto Skye where Sarah took the shortcake this time by finishing in 1.46 with Jimbo and Bobbo coming soon after. What a weekend! Mrs H and I went onto Harris. What a fantastic place (see photo opposite) whilst young Jim, Sarah and Hubby Chris decided to climb Ben Nevis (that girl shows promise).
As if that wasn't enough we then went to the Yorkshire Dales and completed the 3 peaks (see photo of the 3 of us on Ingleborough) in 10 hours and 51 minutes.
Many thanks to our friends at Clowne who organised a fantastic event - Andy (x2) Jed, Les, Brian, Judy, you did us proud!
Breakfast had been ordered the night before, en block as some of us took an early night. You should have seen the sausage swapping at breakfast (among other things). Everyone eventually got what they wanted.
Finally the Abey Dash took place on Wednesday when 113 turned up. Many thanks to the marshals, raffle prize providers, and food makers.
I think that's it. oh, one last thing. I retired on 30th June, just in case I hadn't mentioned it before.

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